Research Proposals

The NCSRP FY16 request for proposals will be available in March 2015.

The Board's current priorities are:

  • Disease research
    • Limit yield loss from all economically important diseases
    • Develop repeatable high throughput screening techniques
  • Reduce yield loss from insects & nematodes
  • Producer education
  • Facilitation & coordination of research

The NCSRP Board will be funding several research projects that address the program’s mission of maximizing producer returns by coordinating research efforts, minimizing regional duplication, and assuring regional projects are targeted at soybean production problems of the North Central producer.

Priority is given to originalk innovative research that has a high chance of increasing soybean yields and/or reducing soybean production cost in the near-term. All pre-proposals must be for coordinated, multi-state research. Priority will be given to university research programs within the twelve North Central states.

Priority will also be given to pre-proposals that demonstrate:

  • Evidence of a plan to assess the project’s impact with measurable project outcomes
  • Academic excellence and originality of the proposed research strategy
  • An interdisciplinary team-focused approach
  • A reasonable and cost-efficient budget
  • Success from previous checkoff-funded grants

Applicants desiring feedback may submit an OPTIONAL DRAFT pre-proposal. The DRAFT pre-proposal should not exceed one page in length, and it should be an informal abstract of your project. Provide a brief description that highlights the innovative nature of the project, an approximate overall cost, and a description as to how it applies to the goals of the North Central Soybean Research Program. Submission and review of a DRAFT pre-proposal does not guarantee the final proposal will be selected for funding.

Instructions for sending pre-proposals

Send one electronic copy in Microsoft Word format to Sue Heath at by the deadline indicated. Proposals can be submitted for research lasting up to three years. However, funding is approved annually based upon progress of the research and availability of funds.

It is the policy of the North Central Soybean Research Program to NOT pay expenses for institutional overhead or student tuition remission.

Funds granted through this program are checkoff funds contributed to Qualified State Soybean Boards pursuant to the Soybean Promotion, Research and Consumer Information Act, 7 U.S.C. 6304 (1) (4). Work performed under this Agreement will be performed in accordance with the Soybean Promotion, Research and Consumer Information Act and the Soybean Promotion and Research Order, 7 CFR Part 1220.

NCSRP Investment Breakout 2012 pie chart

NCSRP Investment Breakout 2011 pie chart

NCSRP Research Initiatives 2010 (pdf)